SEO tools for websites

7+ SEO Tools For your website- Must use

SEO tools are either web-based or desktop programs that help optimizing your website for search engines. There are various tools for different SEO tasks like keyword research, technical optimization, traffic analysis, etc.SEO tools for websites

There’s a common misbelief that SEO tools let you get higher rankings in search engines. While this is not true, they can significantly ease the process of getting organic traffic. Just like buying an axe will not immediately cut the tree in your backyard but will help achieve the result faster and easier.

How to Choose right SEO Tool

It’s important to point out that SEO tools are meant to make SEO easier, faster, and more effective.

Like other contributors have added, there are many tools in the market. Notably, some tools cover more SEO areas than others, offer features to make advanced market research, and a great deal of other digital marketing-related things in a mixed interface.
The right decision will come down to your specific needs, budget, and skill level.

Let’s break it down:

Specific needs: When doing SEO, your end goal could be to improve your online presence, get a higher ROI, and bring more profit in the long run. Depending on the size of your business, reaching these goals could require different basic or advanced functionalities.
Budget: Logically, the more advanced an SEO toolset, the higher the price. Some tools only cover the basics, and others even include content marketing features. Therefore, costs definitely vary.
Skill level: An intuitive interface is always a good choice, especially if you are a beginner (this pretty much applies to any marketing area, not just SEO). Some popular tools for advanced SEO practitioners might not work as well for newbies, and that’s totally normal.

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Best SEO Tools for 2021

SEO tools can be defined as any software or (as the name implies) tool that allows users to complete a step in the search engine optimization process.
Here we are giving you some best SEO Tools:-

1. Google search console

First of all, you have to use webmaster tools search engines provide. They are great for monitoring your site’s performance, checking key insights, receiving notifications, and making tweaks to your site.

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2. Google Keyword Planner

A great tool to conduct in-depth keyword research, get historical statistics and traffic forecasts for certain keywords. However, nowadays if you want to use it fully, you need to have an active Google AdWords account. You still can check stats of keywords, but it will only show rough estimates.

3. Serpstat

This is number 1 tool for keyword research. It has a huge database and an extremely friendly interface which makes it easy to keep track of your competitors’ backlink strategy and find missing keywords you could successfully rank for.

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4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an advanced tool for backlink analysis. It has a huge backlink database which allows checking competitors backlink strategy, finding missed opportunities, find top performing pages, etc.

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5. SimilarWeb Browser Extension

It’s a great helper that allows getting in-depth traffic and engagement stats, including monthly visits trend, time on the site, page-views and bounce rate, traffic sources etc. in a single click. I use it every day to find out how popular any website is and get instant knowledge of the top countries visitors come from.

6. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool for checking what content is trending at the moment and who are the major influencers in certain industries. It’s incredibly useful for content research and planning, keeping track of your competitors, brand monitoring etc.

7. Netpeak Spider

It’s a must-have tool if you need to do on-site optimization. Netpeak Spider checks 50+ main SEO-parameters and finds 60+ key on-page SEO issues categorizing them according to their severity. It is used to find issues with broken links, duplicate pages, title, meta description, H1 headers, redirects etc., calculate internal PageRank, create and validate sitemaps and many other essential things.
Invest in tools that will allow you to optimize your time and energy. That means investing in SEO tools is the perfect type of investment. The idea behind SEO tools is to maximize productivity in order to get more done in less time with fewer resources. Another bonus? The less manual tasks in the process, the less opportunity there is for human error. That will enable you to avoid short-term monetary losses and long-term hits to your reputation.

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