what is Black Hat SEO-full guide

6 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid in 2021.

Black hat SEO includes SEO techniques used to increase the traffic and page rank in SERP, which violates the terms or guidelines of search engine’s ranking algorithm.what is Black Hat SEO-full guide

It definitely gives immediate result in terms of traffic, conversions and ranking, but these results doesn’t last for long periods. these SEO techniques can result into such penalty that your website can get banned from search engines.

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What is Black Hat SEO

Black hat techniques are the complete opposite of white hat techniques. This means that these techniques don’t follow Google’s ranking guidelines. If crawlers identify that your website is using these techniques to rank high, then it will de-index your site and prevent your site from ranking on Google.

If your website has experienced a sudden fall in rankings or received a notification from Google about de-indexing your website, then you should immediately check whether your site is following any black hat SEO techniques.

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Some black hat SEO techniques

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means excessive use of your keyword in a page to manipulate site’s ranking. This technique is often used to unethically drive more traffic to website. But the traffic received from this technique can turn into negative user experience which can increase the bounce rate and can harm your site’s ranking. It can also cause Google penalty for your site.

2. Content Automation

Content automation means automatically generating the content by using some script or content automation tools and update it on your website. Content created by scripts or tools may cause keyword stuffing. These types of content will give you sudden result in the SERP, but it’s not long lasting. As it is against the guidelines of Google’s algorithm, whenever Google will detect this type of techniques, there may be a chance to get sudden drop in your ranking. You can also get banned or blacklisted by the search engine.

3. Clocking

Clocking is when you write your content in two different forms, one is for users and another for search crawlers. The content or information presented to user is different from the content presented to crawler for indexing. It’s like fooling a search engine crawler for better indexing and ranking. The search engine will ban the site from indexing that engages in clocking.

4. Sneaky Redirects

It is somewhat similar to clocking. It’s a redirection technique in which search engine shown the different content and users are redirected to some other page. It means the sneaky redirects send the users to different URLs than the one they requested for.

5. Copied Content


When you copy the content from other URLs means you have intentions to misguide the visitors coming to your site. It becomes difficult for search engine to find out the correct/original content and show it in the SERP.

6. Guest Post Spamming

When you post something or request any guest posting site to post an irrelevant content just to get the backlink it can harm your site majorly. The quality of the site linking to yours can hurt your position in SERP if it’s not good.
I never suggest people to use black  SEO techniques to drive traffic to their domain. I have seen sites which used them and received momentary success, but eventually, each of those websites came under Google’s radar and got its penalty.

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Moreover, Google is upgrading and improving it ranking algorithm almost every day, and this allows it to identify and penalize sites using black hat SEO in a snap!

So, if you are still using black hat SEO techniques, you must stop right now!

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